About Me

Hello and Welcome to Arto Studio Blog!!!

My name is Eloisa, I’m Brazilian living in US for 13 years! I grew up in an artistic environment having mom creating, painting, sewing, crocheting what made me very interested in the crafting world.

Back some years in Brazil, I studied translation and after some years of my college I got married and came to live in US with my lovely husband.

In 2007 my husband gave me my first sewing machine, a Bernina that I used a lot in my new tries and inventions. In 2010, my husband gave me my overlock and after that I’ve been trying a lot of others crafts including: crocheting, drawing, painting, etc… Today I have a professional Juki sewing machine plus the others machines that are always by my side!

In 2010 I started blogging showing all the products that I was making and my sewing and crafting adventures but only in 2016 I started Artlo Studio’s You Tube Channelwhere I give tips and show how to do videos including crafts, sewing and soap making !

Doing my best to show people that the sustainability is very important today I always had the opportunity to talk about it in my videos and here at the blog! Sustainability today is so important and to respect our environment is crucial today in the Fashion Industry!

My favorite medias are paper and fabric (of course) and I love everything related to it: fabric manipulation, surface designs, fabric dyeing…

In 2017 I started my Fashion Design Bachelor’s college where I am learning not only designing clothes, but fashion illustrations and other important skills that we need in the Industry! At the end of this year (2019) I will get my Fashion Design Diploma!!!!!

So I hope you enjoy being around and if you have any questions please contact me!

Thanks for your visit!!!!