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Episode 81: How To Make Your Own Soap Mold

  On today’s video I show you HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN SOAP MOLD using a CORRUGATED PLASTIC BOARD! It’s simple, cheap and you can make it in the SIZE THAT YOU WANT! It’s very practical : you don’t need to line it and it’s very easy to clean! I love it ! I hope […]

Episode 80: Testing the pH of your Soap

Hello!! Today’s video is about Testing the pH of your Soap! It’s very important thing to do for you to use and to sell your soap with peace of mind! watch the video to see how I tested my soaps and which strip I  bought to make this test! Thank you for watch! Elo

Episode 79: Lime Soap Recipe

  Hello !!! Today I Show you A WONDERFUL LIME SOAP RECIPE! I USED A NATURAL LIME JUICE AND A DELICIOUS LEMONGRASS SCENT TO MAKE A FRESHER AND DELICIOUS HOMEMADE SOAP! The Lime Juice has a great cleansing function but besides it works as a astringent for our skin! IT IS A VERY EASY SOAP TO MAKE […]

Episode 78: Sand Soap Review

Today I show you the SAND SOAP REVIEW AND HOW TO USE IT! It is a very good soap for your feet! Watch the video to see all the details ! Watch HOW TO MAKE THE SAND SOAP If want more SOAP RECIPES please watch: How to make homemade soap with 3 oils How to […]

Episode 77: Liquid Laundry Soap # 2

This is the SECOND LIQUID LAUNDRY SOAP RECIPE here in the blog and at my channel on You Tube. I can tell you that I like a lot! You will save some money doing it and it’s very fun to make it! Watch the VIDEO UNTILL THE END SO YOU WILL SEE ALL MY COMMENTS […]

Episode 75: EASY Begginer’s Bread Recipe

Today I show you a SUPER EASY BREAD RECIPE FOR YOU THAT WANT TO START BAKING BREAD BUT ARE AFRAID!!! Yes! Some people are afraid of cooking sometimes! ButWith this recipe I’m sure you’ll succeed !!! You’ll be using your blender and a little bit of your patience just a little bit I swear!!! So […]

Episode 74: How to 100% Coconut Oil Soap

In this Episode I show you How to 100% Coconut Oil Soap! Yes! Time time I got it!!! It is a SUPER EASY RECIPE AND SIMPLE TO MAKE. Do you remember the Episode54 where I show you my Coconut Oil Soap Experience? In that video I couldn’t reach the Trace because I had made a […]

Episode 73: Gel Phase in Soap Making

And it happened! I wasn’t expecting the Gel Phase in my SOAP!!! It was a Partial Gel Phase. This means that my soap was in this Gel Phase only in the center… This is the second time that this happened to me… The first time happened when I was making the Coconut Oil Soap for […]

Episode 72: Easy Condensed Milk Cake Recipe

In this episode I show you how to make a delicious , easy and perfect recipe for the Afternoon Tea or Coffee : Easy Condensed Milk Cake Recipe! It’s another recipe that you will use your blender ! For me my blenders ( stick blender and food processor too ) are the synonyms of PRATICAL […]

Episode 71: How To Wrap Round Soaps

In today’s episode I’ll show you HOW TO WRAP ROUND SOAPS FOR A PROFESSIONAL TOUCH ! IF YOU LIVE IN US you’ll find the round coffee filter paper that you can wrap easily your soap, but not every country we find these kind of filters… the disadvantage of using these filters is that we find […]

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